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Window film products are designed to reduce the harmful effects of the sun, providing solutions for problems such as glare, faded furnishings, room comfort, and energy savings. The warranty backed by the world's most respected company. Because window film provides energy savings and helps protect furnishings, your investment helps pay for itself.

The Benefits of Window Film

  • Window Film rejects solar heat gain
  • Window Film reduces your energy bills!
  • Window Film reduces fading
  • Improves safety of the glass
  • Will not change the appearance of your home
  • Eliminate glare in your home or business
  • Guaranteed never to turn purple, fade, bubble or peel from the window
  • Guaranteed not to break your windows
  • Safe on dual pane windows
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on residential installations


Contractor License
The Tint Company # 942582
Energy Control Center # 953441


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