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For over 37 years, we, at The Tint Company, have been helping building owners, property managers, and tenants solve energy and productivity issues by installing high-performance solar control window films.  When properly applied, these high quality, long-lasting products will increase tenant comfort, reduce operating costs, and improve the aesthetics of any building.

Window films offer year-round performance.  During the hot summer months, window films reject solar heat, reduce air conditioning costs.  In winter, the film helps retain interior warmth wherever you are, thus significantly reducing hot and cold spots and temperature imbalances.  Regardless of your climate zone, The Tint Company has a complete line of climate insulating products that will actually pay for themselves, usually in 1 to 3 years!!

Window films give a sleek, uniform look to your buildings’ exterior.  Eliminating visual clutter and adding value to your investment.  While on the inside, protecting furnishings, furniture, carpet, wood work, and artwork from fading.  Available for retail stores are clear window films that provide high visibility day or night, protecting and providing merchandise a measure of safety and security in case of accidents or disasters.  Whether it’s a large high-rise building, small retail shop, or a luxury cruise ship, we have the experience and have you covered.

  • Blocking solar energy, providing a natural lit environment without the high heat
  • Reduce energy cost
  • Increase employee comfort and productivity
  • Improve aesthetics, inside and out
  • Increase safety and security


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