In this day and age, no building is immune to the threat of terrorism, becoming a target of a bomb blast, or the increasing frequency of natural disasters such as earthquakes.  Because of its’ ability to retain shattered glass intact, protective safety and security window films have been adopted by all levels of government.  These films, when properly installed and anchored, have demonstrated the ability to effectively protect human lives, even when the entire window has been blown out of its’ frame.

At The Tint Company, we take the safety of human lives very seriously!  We offer the latest films, from a variety of manufacturers, that are architecturally designed to satisfy a presidential mandate implementing security enhancements by retrofitting all Federal facilities with security film.  By having security film installed, many government agencies, embassies, and other facilities vulnerable to terrorist attacks are already seeing the life saving benefits security film provides.  Don’t you think Banking and Financial Institutions, Schools and Hospitals could benefit from this kind of security?

For Government facilities and any other commercial properties that require the highest degrees of glass breakage protection.  The Tint Company takes security and safety to new levels by providing the latest, state-of-the-art attachment systems.  Extremely high levels of protection can be achieved by installing measures such as structural adhesives and various mechanical attachment systems around the perimeter of the glass, meeting government specifications for Levels I, II, II+, and even Level III bomb blast protection!  Our installers are trained and certified to properly install these measures, insuring the safety of your personnel.


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